Ingredients you find in our paella collection are carefully chosen and sourced responsibly. Use this guide to understand what is included in your paella or to create a unique paella all of your own. Please feel free to let us know if you wish to include or exclude any igredients from your paella, we are always glad to oblige.

  Short grain rice

    Black rice (black paella) Paella Negra

  Red rice (red paella) Paella Roja

 Colossal Freshwater prawns 4 to 8 per pound

 Mediterranean red shrimp 6-8 per pound

 Ecuador brown shrimp 7 per pound

 Palamos Mediterranean shrimp 

 Argentine red head on 7 per pound

  Mexican white wild caught 10 per pound

 Black Tiger shrimp 11 to 16 per pound

 White shrimp farm raised 13 to 15 per pound

 Patagonian red shrimp 16 per pound

 Asian farmed shrimp no chemicals 16 per pound White 

 Gulf/Key West pink shrimp 20-24 per pound

 Bacon wrapped smoked shrimp 12-16 per pound

 Red shrimp wild caught

 Galeras (Mantis shrimp)

  Small shrimp 70+ per pound

 Seafood medley

 Sea scallops 10 to 15 per pound

 Bay scallops 15+ per pound

 Scallops with coral (zamburinas)

 Mussels on the shell and off

 New Zealand Green lip mussels on the half shell

 Littleneck clams shell on

 Cockles - Berberechos

  Cherrystone clams hand stuffed

 Local Sebastian inlet oysters 


  Sushi grade red surf Hokkigai clams

 Calamari rings


 Baby squid


 Baby cuttlefish (chopitos)

 Flower octopus

  Octopus tentacles

 Baby octopus

 Key West lobster tail

   Maine Lobster tail

 Maine whole lobster

 European blue lobster

 Langoustines Cigalas

 Blue crab

 Softshell crab

 Brown crab (buey de mar)

 Snow crab leg clusters

 King crab legs

 Stone crab claws (seasonal)

  Cod cheeks (cocotxas)


 Boquerones (marinated white anchovies)

 Smoked Brisling

 Eel (unagi)

 Baby eel (angulas)

 Sea urchin - Erizo marino - Uni 雲丹

  Lobster meat balls

 Chorizo meatballs

 Smoked salmon

 Roasted chicken

 Chicken thighs

 Chicken tenders

 Chicken breast

 Chicken wings

 Chicken drummettes

 Vegan chicken (non animal protein)


 Quail eggs

 Duck eggs

 Chicken eggs


 Duck leg confit

 Moulard duck breast

 Chorizo sausage

 Fresh Iberico chorizo

 Chorizo cantimpalo


 Argentine chorizo parrillero

 Colombian chorizo paisa

 Mexican chorizo campero

 Salvadorean chorizo

 Truffle bratwurst

 Duck sausage with foie gras

 Brazilian linguiça de corda 

 Portuguese chouriço transmontano

  Iberico ham (jamon)

 Iberico loin (lomo)

  Pulled pork

 Smoked beef brisket

 Baby Backribs (BBQ)

 Pork carnitas Michoacanas

 Pork belly

 Iberico pork steak (secreto)

 Iberico pork loin (pluma)

 Iberico pork cheeks (carrilleras)

  Olive oil

    Truffle oil

 Sesame seed oil


 Mojo criollo

 Piquillo peppers

 Fire roasted red bell peppers

  Petit pois peas

 Lima beans

 Fava beans

 Garrofon butter beans

  Sea salt




 Artichoke hearts

 Roman artichoke hearts

 Hearts of palm


 Bell peppers


 Grape tomatoes


 White asparagus

 Ñora pepper

 Baby carrots


  Shimeji mushroom シメジ

 Enoki mushroom 榎茸

 Maitake mushroom 舞茸

 Shiitake mushroom 椎茸 

 Oyster mushroom

 Trumpet mushroom

 Portabella mushroom

 Porcini mushroom

 Wakame seaweed salad ワカメ

 Roasted seaweed 海苔

 Edamame 枝豆

 Kimchi 김치

 Takuan daikon radish  沢庵

 Bean sprouts