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Dona Juana

Morcilla de Burgos (con arroz) - Burgos Blood Sausage (with rice)

Morcilla de Burgos (con arroz) - Burgos Blood Sausage (with rice)

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Morcilla de Burgos are blood sausages that are traditionally made in the province of Burgos. This is one of the many varieties of blood sausage, or black pudding, present all around the world. The recipe for this delicacy is fairly simple and uses only a few humble ingredients.

An interesting fact about this recipe is that it doesn't actually involve any meat, since morcilla de Burgos is made by chopping and sautéing the onions with butter, then combining them with rice, lard, blood, and spices. The mixture is then used to fill the sausage casings before being cooked.

This sausage owes its flavor mostly to the spices used in its preparation, mainly pepper and paprika. It can be eaten as it is, but it's mostly consumed after being fried or sautéed.
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