Collection: PAELLAS


Our food is made by a local chef using ingredients sourced from local vendors and the Vero Beach Farmers Market, which we are part of for the last ten years. All our recipes are original, made from scratch. Whether a carnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free you are sure to find satisfaction in our diverse and exciting menu. Feel free to contact us with your catering needs no matter how large or small. 

Our paella is always crafted in the traditional flat pan, the delivery method may vary.

One - We prepare the paella of your choice live at your event or gathering, and we bring all the equipment, including the ubiquitous paella pan. It is a delicious gastronomic experience all your guests will enjoy. Be sure to select the "Cooked on Site" option if you want your paella to be crafted on location, be it your home, a venue or another location and select the paella you wish and the number of guests you want to cook for.

Two - We deliver the paella in its traditional pan, sized to fit a standard residential oven. (14.5 - 21.5 - or 23.0 inches). One pan can serve 2 to 15 guests. For larger groups multiple pans can be used. Delivery and retrieval of all equipment are free in the greater Vero Beach area. 

Three - We produce bowls with paella that are frozen and microwavable, following the current trend, so that in minutes you have delicious paella on demand. It serves two guests or one hungry Spaniard. We call these Paella Express.

If you live outside the immediate delivery area, Delivery is made in catering vessels that are oven-ready and recyclable-discardable. Please feel free to call and inquire about your special delivery.

Paella prices are per person. Simply select the paella you want then select the number of guests you want the paella for. If you do not see the paella you like on our menu, we can custom-make a paella with any flavor profile to fit your needs. You are welcome to browse through the gallery of paellas we have made for clients. Additionally, you can browse through the ingredients tab to see all the possibilities available to you. Some ingredients take longer than others to source, so planning -and booking- ahead is better. You can check out using this website, or give us a call for a more personalized detailed booking 772-258-3085.

Buen Provecho!